What are the effects of drugs?

The consumption of drugs is certainly harmful, but often thought that because of consuming some substance occasionally problems are minor.

The drugs have very serious effects on our body short and long term.

The amphetamines and other stimulants, for example, stimulate the nervous system by eliminating the feeling of fatigue, increasing performance and reducing appetite. These effects cause our body not to warn us when we are tired and we must rest, which can cause a heart attack. The amphetamines can cause serious effects on consumers, such as insomnia, psychosis, paranoia or schizophrenia.

The fungi or mushrooms. Its high hallucinogenic power causes, in many occasions, alteration of reality with a great risk of accidents. Its consumption can cause nausea, dizziness, and hallucinations, damages in the brain and until the death by intoxication.

In the case of marihuana their short – term side effects are based on the decrease in the drive system, loss of reasoning ability and poor coordination. In the long run they can cause alteration of reality and loss of memory.

Another type of stimulant drugs s as the cocaine or heroin also cause very serious effects of short – term dependency, which makes a small space of time the person who consumes them to lose control of his own life, reaching have serious social and economic problems in addition to health problems. Drugs, although very occasionally, threatening our physical health and mint we realize that we have a dependence, however small, we must put ourselves in the hands of professionals to help us follow proper treatment . One should not ignore consumption however small, since in the long run it can generate a complete situation of dependence.