The benefits of working as a GP locum

As increasing numbers of medical trainees are choosing GP locum work instead of partnerships, it may be worth exploring this option to see if locum work fits your lifestyle.

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Here we discuss the benefits of working as a GP locum.

Benefits of working as a GP locum

– Less administrative duties

There are routine admin duties that must be fulfilled which locum GPs are exempt from. This gives locums more freedom to focus on their patient’s care.

So why not search for GP Locum Jobs from the GP Locum Agency if you think locum work is for you.

– Work/home life balance

As more research is conducted into how demanding pressure at work and imbalance of home life on our mental health and wellbeing having more freedom in our work brings a wide range of benefits.

As a locum GP you can dictate your hours, when you are available and where you work, enabling you to fit your working hours around your home and family life. GP locum jobs allow you to work on weekends, one day per week, out of hours or part-time for two separate practices. This flexibility is one of the most advantageous reasons for working as a locum GP. Seventy-eight percent of locum GPs state flexible working hours is a key reason for choosing the role.

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If you want to carry out voluntary work, or have a hobby that is unrelated to your work as a GP, working as a locum GP allows you the time to pursue activities.

– Tax advantages

GP locum jobs enable your employment status to change to “contractor”, enabling you to set up expenses, such as travel, equipment and training costs, and work as part of your own business. You then have the potential to create your expenses as tax deductible, meaning you can offset these against your earnings.

– Top-up your income

Becoming a locum GP is a convenient way to top-up your income. If you are an employed or partner GP looking for an additional income, or are a retired GP, locum GP shifts prove useful.

– Grow your network and experience

Working as a locum GP is a fantastic introduction into general practice. As a locum GP you will gain experience in different roles in a primary care setting, which will allow your personal network to grow.