Three leading causes of broken or cracked windows

Broken or cracked windows are widespread occurrences, and it can often be very inconvenient when it happens. Sometimes you are unable to figure out how it occurred, which can add to the frustration. Here are the three most common cause of broken or cracked windows.

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Temperature Change

Often referred to as stress cracks, a change in temperature can wear away at the glass and windows and cause it to crack. When there is a sudden change in temperature, the particles in the glass will expand when heated and contract when cooled, and sometimes this is too much for the glass to handle. When some parts of your window are a different temperature than others, this can increase the chance of these stress cracks – for example, if your window is near a tree that only shades some of the glass.

Impact breaks

Not surprisingly, one of the leading causes of broken or cracked windows is some sort of impact, whether this is from children playing with balls or a stone being shot up from a lawnmower. These types of window breaks are relatively obvious to spot as they often break in a dramatic way that looks similar to a spider web.

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Window age

Even the most looked-after windows will eventually show the signs of age. With age, the components that were used to make the window begin to deteriorate, and this can lead to cracks forming. Older windows don’t have the durable glass components that we see in our newer windows installed today, so they are less reliable and more flimsy, and therefore more likely to break.

How to fix a broken window

If your window has broken, it can be very stressful. First of all, it is best to call a professional company such as Leicester Emergency Glaziers to get your window boarded up quickly to help secure the premises.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix broken glass. More often than not you will need to replace the whole pane. Even if the glass is just cracked a little bit, it will eventually break, so it is advisable to get it sorted as soon as possible. Most companies that offer this boarding up service will also be able to repair or replace your windows.