The trouble with drains. Not a nice job.

If you’re finding that the water in the sink is not going down as quickly as it should, the chances are you’ve fallen victim to the curse of the blocked plug hole or drain. No one wants that job of fixing it! Make a call to a Plumber services Dublin way company as they can help if things have become really bad. Would you like to know what the most common causes of a blocked drain are? Allow me to tell you as forewarned is forearmed and you might be able to stop it from happening in the first place. Remember if you need help then a Plumber Dublin, Cardiff, Bristol or wherever you are will be able to sort out your problem for you.

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The first thing to avoid is someone sticking a charmingly called foreign object down the loo. There are only a few things that are meant to go down the loo and I’m sure we all know what they are so I’ll not mention them here. However a foreign object is anything other than that. I’m thinking of a mass of Police station Lego bricks, sanitary towels, Stones, food waste, a Barbie doll in a fit of rage after your sister has smashed up the Lego Police station, you can see where I’m going with this I hope.  We all know what goes down the loo. Anything else will mean that things are going to start coming up the loo and you really do not want that situation.

Grease and Fat is next. You’ve just fried up some delicious Bacon or grilled some lovely sausages what on earth do you do with the fat left over. What you don’t want to do is pour it down the plug hole. It might do down all runny when it’s hot but when it starts to cool it moulds itself into an impenetrable mass. And that impenetrable mass will stick in your pipe and now water is going to go through it.

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Leaves. Watch out for autumn. When the leaves start to fall your drains are under severe threat of becoming clogged with them and you do need to keep an eye on them to make sure they are clear. This is especially true if you live in a tree lined road or near a wooded area. It’s an expensive bill you’ll be looking at to clear them if they go down the drain. The council will clear some but in these days of tighter budgets you need to look to your own.

The last thing to look for a is very popular plug hole blocker and its human hair. Not wanting to stop you and your family from washing your hair but if one of the family has long hair you need to keep an eye on that building up and it catches other buts of hair to make a soggy rope like concoction.

Best of luck protecting you drains and plug holes. Help is at hand if you need it.