Three of the Bests Sat-Nav Options for HGV Drivers

Driving to new places on unfamiliar routes can be daunting for any driver. But when you are driving a HGV there are many things to consider other than taking the wrong road.

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When lorries and other HGVs are involved in collisions the results can, at best, cause huge disruption to other road users and, at worst, be fatal. A report in suggests that collisions involving HGVs are much more likely to be fatal, with one in four incidents resulting in serious injury or death.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to try to reduce the risks associated with travelling in HGVs, and thankfully modern technology is playing its part in doing this. Sat-nav systems for HGVs are one way in which lorry drivers can help find not only the quickest but also the safest route when they are driving. By identifying possible obstructions such as low bridges and narrow/unsuitable roads, lorry drivers are able to plan and make their journey without any nasty surprises en route. Here are just three of the best sat-nav brands and systems for use in HGV vehicles.

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This brand is renowned for its GPS systems, and its sat-nav system designed for HGV vehicles is no exception. With dual-screen technology and a photo feature that gives realistic photos of upcoming junctions, drivers will be well prepared. The system is easy to use and requires minimal setting up.

Truckmate Pro

Alongside the other popular sat-nav features, this model offers a unique and potentially life-saving element – it can monitor tyre pressure and alert the driver if it dips below the recommended level. This could also be a feature that would assist with lowering HGV insurance costs – see It also offers extra lane guidance and clarity at junctions, which makes negotiating new ones much easier and reduces the chance of a collision.

Tom Tom Pro Truck

Tom Tom is a well-known brand in the sat-nav industry and one of the first major players out there. Their specified ‘Truck’ models are designed for HVG drivers and offer a tool which allows drivers to ‘pinch and zoom’ in order to view and plan their entire journey before setting off. It also comes with handy live traffic updates, although these can come at an additional cost.