Create drag and drop sites with Wix. The opinions of those who use it

The concept of wanting to create a complete and modern website has changed compared to the past and no longer appears to be closely linked to the technical capabilities of its creator. On the square, there are portals such as Wix, born in 2006 and full of surprises and potential, able to meet all creative needs, allowing us to create modern and functional internet sites, without the need to resort to web programming. The only required capacity, to realize our project to be published on the internet, will be a bit of imagination and a strong sense of design, useful for publishing online pages that are captivating and engaging.

Some sites created with the Wix platform.

Template graphics for all tastes – We bet that if over sixty million people have already created a site with the Wix platform, a valid reason will be there? Here is revealed the first great merit of the portal, that is, the wide availability of graphic templates , able to churn out any kind of website. All the graphic models, divided by category, are made in a modern style and compatible with the HTML 5 web standard. In the vast catalog of themes, we counted about seventy categories, including entertainment, blogs, sales and fashion, restaurants and music hotels and much more. To select the site model you want, the user simply has to choose it with a click and customize it as a whole. In addition, it is important to point out the possibility of using empty templates, useful to start new projects from scratch, let loose all our creativity.

List of Wix templates divided by category

Total customizations in one click – With Wix, sites are built using the drag and drop functionality’, or the art of click, drag and drop, which allows you to easily customize the project. In this mode it is possible to modify any information on our pages, such as images, text and layout, without having to write any programming code. Among the various features, we point out that you can add and remove pages, edit the characters of our site by selecting fonts, colors and effects, generate page transition effects, integrate HTML code in precise positions of the page, add and edit images by selecting them among the hundreds free, already integrated and even, insert a special protection, in some pages, to make them accessible only to certain users.

The simple and clean interface for editing Wix sites

Free publication – If you do not want to get a top-level domain (eg rather than a second-level domain ( and if you are not easily irritated by the presence of some banners advertising, you will not need to spend a single penny to publish our site created via Wix. The operation will be possible through a simple procedure present in the portal. Otherwise, you can choose from one of four interesting hosting plans offered for a fee.

The extras for the most demanding – If you have special needs, with Wix you just have to ask. In addition to the professional hosting packages mentioned above, within this platform there is a real market to be able to download and purchase additional modules, useful for implementing the contents and functionalities of our site. Interesting is the part dedicated to e-commerce with the ability to create real online stores. In this case, after having purchased an e-commerce package, it will be possible to create an excellent online store, personalizing it and managing it in its entirety.

The integrated market app in Wix

The surprises with Wix do not end here, to discover its full potential, we recommend that you try the service on the official website.