Top interior design trends for 2017

In the early weeks of the year, the interior design experts were uncharacteristically reticent about making forecasts for the defining trends of 2017. As spring approaches, though, we are starting to see patterns emerging, that are grabbing the attention of the style gurus.

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Green is the colour

While muted shades like grey, beige and white will continue to be de rigueur this year, splashes of more intense colours will make a welcome return, with green being most hotly-tipped to make a dramatic entrance on the home design scene. There will be few rules around the specific hue, so you are just as likely to see drapes of lime green as you are to see walls of jade or rugs of a deep emerald.

Talking to Vogue, celebrity designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, suggested that homeowners who are reluctant to use blocks of green to refresh their properties should consider adding emerald green glassware to white table settings to deliver a more subdued but still “on trend” vibe. We can also expect to see tropical prints and bronze making a reappearance, in relation to soft furnishings and ornaments. Settees, however, are set to remain neutral in tone, although they may well be fashioned from innovatively textured fabrics.

Bespoke furniture

Britain’s rejection of mass-produced products in favour of artisan-manufactured chairs, tables and sofas will continue during the balance of this year. As well as seeing a renaissance in the antique and secondhand trades, there will be a sharp uptick in orders for bespoke, specially-commissioned investment pieces. The owners of the beautiful house of 2017 will, according to the Guardian, also be thinking in terms of quirky light fixtures.

Kitchens and bathrooms

For those thinking of larger remodelling projects, such as those carried out by, the interior designers think white marble kitchen and bathroom installations with brass fittings will be one of the key trends of the year. The juxtaposition of clean and functional white with more ornate and frankly glamorous brass will add a whimsical touch which hasn’t been seen for some time in British homes.


As intriguing as the suggestions for interiors may be, we are poised to carry out some serious work on our exterior spaces, with landscaped gardens becoming a style necessity. This taps into the national enthusiasm for extending our living spaces beyond our back door.