When is it appropriate to have a flat roof?

First off just to clear things up, it’s not actually a flat roof. There has to be a slight incline to get the rain to run off somewhere otherwise it will collect in a puddle which is not ideal. It’s just not the same or severe an angle as a pitched roof. Whatever you decide to go for the roof is not just an integral part of the buildings ability to keep out the damp it also says a lot about the design and shape of the building itself. The aesthetic is just as important as the functionality when it comes to the design. If you go for a flat roof then the Plymouth flat roofing company http://centralroofingsw.co.uk/grp-flat-roofing-plymouth/ can help you.

Why do you want to have a flat roof anyway? There are a number of reasons. To explain what a flat roof is it is a semi level flat unit that is attached to the joists located in the ceiling section of the building. A water proof substance like a membrane is then added so as to cover the structure and protect it from the rain. The water still needs to drain off so it is set pitched at a slight angle, only a few degrees is required, so that any precipitation runs off.

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The great thing about flat roofs over the pitched type is that they are brilliant at saving space. They are perfect for extensions and for garages; basically any little additions to the home or business. They are a good alternative if money is a factor, and it’s hard to find a time when it is not, as the labour costs and material costs are significantly reduced.  Just think, you only have to have the membrane unit and the covering added as opposed the application of tiles and the skilled work that this requires. One of the other advantages is that they are easily replaced should there be any issue with it at a later date.

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It is good that they are easily replaced because they can on some rare occasions become blistered in very hot weather. When this happens you have to make sure that it is fixed as soon as possible otherwise you can get issues with algae and moss. They can also crack at high temperatures. However, the membrane that you fit is greatly advanced on from the days of a simple mineral based felt membrane that was applied over with a not very thick layer of stone chippings. The beauty of this is that it comes as one whole unit and is easily attached.

So it looks like you’ve got a few things to consider. Whenever you’re ready just give that link above a click and the experts will be able to help you.