Sending a 55 Gallon Drum to the Caribbean?

If you have never shipped a drum before, you may be wondering how to do so. While pallets and crates are more common in Western countries, barrels and drums are still a very popular form of shipping in the Caribbean.

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This is because it is possible to fill barrels right to the brim, and they are also fairly waterproof. They are often used for shipping heavier goods, but they can also be used to ship dry goods and clothing.

If you want to send a 55 gallon drum to the Caribbean, here are a few tips to help.

Sourcing a 55 Gallon Barrel

It is possible to buy 55 gallon drums from various shipping companies in the UK, and they are normally less than £50. You can also buy the drums online.

What Can’t You Send?

It is important to know what you can send in a drum and what you can’t send. This is because failure to meet the country’s customs regulations can result in an expensive fine.

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Prohibited items include:

Batteries that contain liquid
Meat or animal products

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Packing the Drum

If you are packing lots of small items, it can be useful to use bubble wrap to stop the items from becoming damaged. However, other items could benefit from being stored in small cardboard boxes, so just use the system which is better suited to the goods that you are shipping.

Place the heaviest items in the bottom of the drum to ensure they don’t break the lighter items.

Booking Your 55 Gallon Drum for Delivery

Before you book your drum for delivery, you will need to measure the width, weight and length height of the barrel. Once you have done this you can choose a shipping company to ship the item, and then you will need to enter details about the barrel online as well as shipping information. It can also be useful to insure the barrel before you send it, especially if you are sending expensive items that may become damaged or lost. You can normally buy insurance from the shipping company that you are sending the barrel with.