Yoga mats

A Yoga mat is an essential accessory for Yoga practice, whether it is a standard non- slip mat, ultra sticky or even an Indian Yoga rug mat. This is because it is essential to have a good surface that supports posture and is safe to work on. By far the most popular style is the sticky-mat. It is so called because it grips the floor and does not slide. Yoga mats are useful accessories, but not absolutely essential.

The good thing about having your own mat is that just by laying down on it, you get attuned and immersed into your own personal yoga space. It sharpens the focus and awareness and also helps create the right mental state for a session.

Yoga mats

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are simple tools that help you ease into difficult poses, by aligning, stretching and strengthening your body without strain.

Yoga straps

Yoga straps help you grasp your limbs that are normally out of reach. They also help you hold poses longer, and greatly increase flexibility.