Trends in wall paint 2017: Go ahead this holiday

Vacation days are to enjoy, but also can also invest a little time to renew your home decor. As we know that many of you like to give a coat of paint to your home at this time of year, we propose a list of fashionable colors for walls 2017.

What color do I paint my house for this 2017?

Deco next season surprises us with a wide range of colors ranging from the simple and elegant black to yellow cheerful. Before speaking in detail about each of them, remember that it is not necessary to paint the whole house with these colors. Perhaps you prefer to tap your living room or hallway, or just paint a single wall in a room. The options are many, like the trends of wall paints 2017.

Black, white and gray: colors that hit

The black and white never go out of style. The Yin and Yang of hues, darkness and light are a safe bet for the classics. The black, for example, can help to highlight the other colors in our decor. So paint a black wall in the living room will allow us then give color to it with pictures or other decorative elements. Although to be the last, nothing like tribal accessories, wood, and metallic, which fit perfectly?

Trends in wall paint 2017

Also, the white remains ideal for those smaller or for those who need more light stays; and this color is able to visually expand environments. Combine it with the black in the door frames, windows or roof rafters. As a final touch, use plants to decorate and bring life to the white walls.

Gray elegance is ideal for painting rooms in 2017, but additionally also its versatility when mixed with other colors; And, with gray, any combination is possible.

Green is not just tropical

The tropical decor is one of the most striking trends. Green, in these environments, are essential, but the interior paint 2017 also has some proposals covering different shades of green, inspired by botanical gardens, forests winter or olive tones, a green denoting balance without leaving aside its most exotic part.

Sky and sea for your bedroom

If during 2016 the Serenity was fashionable color now is the time to bet on its twin Airy Blue, a shade reminiscent of the sky. Light color that gives serenity to the walls, but with a touch of elegance. This blue is very interesting for painting bedrooms 2017.

If you fancy more of a blue sea remembers, you also have alternatives. Choose a deep blue color, a cold but reassuring tone, which provides room stability, security, and sophistication. Moreover, it is perfect for mixing with gray or white.

Flavored yellow mustard

The mustard and blunted during 2015 and 2016 now the list of colors for walls 2017, it is also emerging as a clear winner yellow, in itself, happy inside our homes. In addition, the mustard has a vintage air. If you like the decor of this style you can bet on a wall in your living room or mustard even includes this color as an alternative for the kitchen or hallway.

Autumnal colors

Not a bad idea also anticipates the fall, and for this, the browns are the best option. These shades of brown are perfect to give confidence to your home. Tones nutmeg, cinnamon or a warm taupe can become the best allies for your walls.

If terracotta colors you like, but want to give a little more life to your living room, try a dark orange. The best of the land attached to the fire, an interesting option that will surely give good results.