Grobo, an “intelligent indoor garden” to make a plant grow single controlling it from the mobile

Products have our own urban garden or take care of our plants taking advantage of the benefits of the technology have seen a few, but a device that we directly promise to have a plant that grows alone and is controlled via an app and seems to gild the lily.

That’s what promises Grobo, a gadget created by a Canadian company of the same name that offers the opportunity to see all kinds of plants grow in our own home and with minimal effort. Simply fill its tanks with water and nutrients, drop a seed in the right place and immediately click on an application connected to the device to initiate a growth process that can take between two weeks and two months.

Grobo, an intelligent indoor garden to make a plant grow single controlling it from the mobileHow is Grobo?

The system is composed of a body made of wood, aluminum and a door of plexiglass and contains the necessary technology to water the plant, simulating eighteen hours of sunshine, maintain your ideal temperature and monitor the status of growth through a series of sensors strategically placed. The growth can be traced from an app for iOS or Android smartphone that connect to the device via WiFi, and alerts the user if their intervention is necessary.

According to its creators is suitable for all kinds of crops such as tomatoes, strawberries or peppers, but as admitted in an interview with The Verge the idea had much to do with the needs of cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

According to Bjorn Dawson, CEO of Grobo, a person who uses marijuana for these medical purposes helped them develop and, thanks to the device, the patient may have now freely for approximately 10 hours a week that once used to grow in your house plants need for medication.

As you can imagine, the Grobo is not cheap: it will cost 1300 dollars, although now you can book a 30% discount and stays at 899 also from the company say that maintenance is not expensive (between 15 and 20. dollars a month) and no electricity spending exceeds a ceiling fan.