How to check the references of a candidate

When you have decided on hiring a candidate for an open position in our organization always arises the question of the suitability of the candidate.

Inevitably must make a work of investigation to confirm the veracity of the skills displayed in the CV and our impressions about the candidate.

How to check the references of a candidateWhat is the best way to get the necessary information?

Our mates

The first is to apply the impressions of colleagues who also interviewed the candidate and ask them what their concerns are. Your answers should be the basis of your questions.

To call

Once you do have to contrast the CV so that calls the position that arises cover and its challenges will be required.

What to ask?

If we report that performed similar tasks it is suitable for performance by interest us, what were your responsibilities? How did? What were the results? etc.

Relational capacity

Learn about the social skills of the candidate with questions like, what can you tell me about responsibility of the person? Degree of motivation? Your level of empathy? etc.

In short, what should interest us is to develop a profile as complete and contrasted our candidates that will allow us, in possible, optimize our decision.