Places to Visit in the UK in the Winter Months

The UK is a great place to explore, and although it is more popular with tourists in the Spring and Summer months, travelling around in the cooler months is great as the crowds are not as big and you will find it easier to find good accommodation like The Royal Adelaide Hotel Windsor.

As well as the lower numbers of tourists, there are lots of fantastic things to see in the UK during the chillier months, and it is great if you want to get outdoors. Just make sure that you pack warm clothes, a waterproof coat and a flask! Here are a couple of the best naturally beautiful places that you should visit at this time of the year…

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The Scottish Highlands – This area is spectacular all year around, but in the winter, it becomes a real winter wonderland. Snow is very common here and you can enjoy all of the best snow-based activities and take in the beautiful scenic views. See grouse and ptarmigan, as well as deer and if you are lucky even the timid Scottish wildcat.

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The Cotswolds – This area of outstanding natural beauty is deserving of it’s name, and with the summer tourist crowds gone, you can enjoy a quiet stroll through pretty villages that feel like they are stuck in a bygone age, stop for a hearty lunch in a local pub with a roaring fire and walk the famous Cotswold way walking route.