How to Prepare for Moving House

Moving house is one of the more stressful events that we have to deal with in life, but although some things cannot be avoided, there are ways that you can reduce your stress levels during the moving process.

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Making a list before the move is one of the best ways to get ahead and get organised. When you know your moving date, it is time to get together a list of the things that you need to do beforehand to make your move easier. Before you get your date, it is also a good idea to search for things that you might need like removal companies Cheltenham, packing materials and also friends and family that might be able to help you on the day.

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Here are some of the key things to get done before you move…


Notify all the people who need to know – Once you have your moving date, it is time to make sure you let people know that you are moving. As well as family and friends, if you are renting you will need to give notice to your landlord, and you will also need to notify people like your utility’s providers.

Start to pack and have a clear out. It is a good idea to start doing this in advance as it will give you plenty of time to go through everything. You don’t want to be taking stuff that you don’t need to your new house, and it is best to have everything boxed up and ready in advance so that it doesn’t become a last-minute rush.