Train lumbar with fitball, safely and effectively

One of the most neglected when train parts are usually lower back, very few people usually taken into account to work it with proper exercises to strengthen this part of the body. Do not forget that this part is part of the core, and as such it is necessary to keep it strong since it intervenes in the vast majority of exercises and movements that will carry out the body. Therefore we want to defend a safe way to train it, with the help of fitball.

To be more exact muscles that make up the lower back are called erector spine and are responsible for helping to maintain an upright posture with the abdominal wall. It is true that in the lower part, namely that it is in this area known as lumbar, this muscle is bigger because it is the area of greatest tension across the back. This is why it must be taken into consideration to strengthen and train safely and effectively.

Reasons to choose the fitball over other methods

When training this body usually we make many mistakes or are too rough with movement as it is a sensitive area that cannot force excessively. Therefore the use of the fitball for working the lower back is a good alternative, as it will keep the core activated because of the instability of the ball, so we’ll get to work both the front and the back of the trunk, thus avoiding concentrating all tension in the lumbar region.

Train lumbar with fitball, safely and effectively

Good to balance back

Working the lumbar thus help us to better balance your back and get a better alignment making such machine, as sometimes we tend to arch your back too much forcing both lumbar and cervical and running the risk of harm in this practice.

Remove some of the impacts

The impact is another point to consider because on fitball movements are much smoother and controlled, so the impact is less than that, for example, we will experience when working the area on the ground. In these cases the front of the core does not come into action, all the tension ends up accumulating in the lower back, so we put a greater impact than can be counterproductive in achieving strength in this area.

Some exercises we can do

It is true that there are many exercises to perform on fitball, but this time, we have highlighted a few that we can be very beneficial for this body part and understand that the risk we run is less. Among other things we think this for the reasons we have discussed above, and because the bow back always going to be more controlled and will never become excessive, which is what often causes us damage. We, therefore, recommend your practice when working the lower back and further strengthen the core.