Preparing your cat for a cattery stay

If you need to go away for any reason, it’s not always possible to take your cat with you. Also, cats are very attached to their homes and can become upset when their environment suddenly changes. Choosing the right cattery is important, as well as preparing for a smooth transition. Here are some tips for making the experience as stress-free as possible when taking your cat to a cattery:

Consider placing your cat’s pet carrier in his or her favourite room of the house a few days before travel. That way, they will slowly get used to the sight and smell of the carrier, especially if they don’t go in it very often. Some cats enjoy being inside their boxes as it has their scent, so you might want to consider keeping the box in the chalet with them at the cattery as will also smell of home.

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To help them feel calmer during their stay, you might also want to take an unwashed item of your clothing to stay with them. This carries your scent and can offer reassurance for them in an unfamiliar setting.

For extremely sensitive cats, your vet might be able to offer some advice on using an artificial pheromone spray which mimics the smell made in a cat’s facial glands and can help them feel safer. There are also plug-in pheromone releasers that can be plugged in close to your cat’s chalet to help nervous cats feel more secure.

Ensure you have told the cattery about all your cat’s particular likes and dislikes, especially for the cats who love lots of fuss, cuddles and attention. For an excellent Cattery Cheltenham, visit

Food preferences should also be discussed so that your cat can continue to receive a diet as close as possible to the one they get at home. Continuing your cat’s normal routine is important.

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If you own more than one cat, think about how they get on at home. For those who love each other’s company, they could be housed together, but for those who merely tolerate one another, it will be better to separate them.

Many catteries offer chalets that accommodate two cats and some even have adjoining doors to allow more than three cats to share the space together, as well as having extra room for quiet time.

Find out if you can bring along your cat’s own bedding and toys, as this can help to settle them, being surrounded by familiar objects and scents.