Sugar Tax Marks Dawning of New Recipe Era

The introduction of a new sugar tax has not only taken the sweetness out of soft drinks, it has also brought to the forefront the long-held murmurings that there is nothing soft about them.

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Public Enemy Number One

They are being held responsible for increases in obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and an array of other health problems that are on the rise. This, along with the subsequent sugar levy (for more information on what the sugar tax entails, see, has left soft drink manufacturers feeling the heat as the spotlight is turned on them whilst they scramble to make changes to both their packaging and recipes. Lucozade quickly decided to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks, much to the horror of their patrons, who hit back saying more could have been done. It seems it may prove difficult to balance the sugar with the levy.

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Why Is There a Concern About Sugar?

A poll conducted for The Grocer (via Harris Interactive) showed that 71% of 2,000 consumers expressed concern in relation to the content of sugar in fizzy drinks, with 20% saying they were “very worried”. Such concern is not something that is necessarily new, as companies like Coca Cola have launched sugar-free alternatives in the past to meet consumer demands for healthier soft drinks.

However, as the term “health” has evolved, there has been less focus on decreasing calories and the restriction of ingredients from one’s diet. Instead, attention has now moved to fuelling and nourishing

Fighting Back

Rather than recoil from the levy and the backlash, the soft drinks sector has fought back. Refusing to accept the role as villain, the industry have pledged to create new recipes in the hope of returning to the public’s good graces. Post mix suppliers, such as, will be stocking new recipes across the UK as new products are launched.

With consumer demand for more natural products, smaller companies and the heavyweights of the sector are responding. In the UK, Coca Cola have recently launched a “healthier” alternative to their standard products – Green Cola miraculously contains no sugar, calories, phosphoric acid or aspartame.

At the heart of this new era of recipe creation is the consumers’ desire for something tasty. For future recipes, this will be key.